Our Company Vision

Our vision at Childcare Network is to nurture and bring forth potential for our children in what they can achieve, for our families in what they can accomplish, for our educators in what they can influence, and for our company in what we can attain.

Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles to accomplish our vision are to focus on collecting and sharing wisdom, focus on building a team of knowledgeable people, always work on the “next”, remain humble in our approach, pursue excellence, be accurate, turn ideas into actions, have fun, and innovate.

Our Culture

We are a family of workers who are dedicated, disciplined, and committed to the pursuit of excellence.   Individual judgment is encouraged and is considered a valuable part of an employee’s job performance.   A high standard of ethical and moral conduct has given our parents expectations of our staff to be honest, reliable, hard-working people who provide first-class service.  It is our desire to create a work environment where people are treated as individuals, and our working conditions yield an atmosphere of mutual and continuous respect.

Each day as our teachers arrive in their classrooms, we hope working at Childcare Network helps them to:
  • Be Positive of the fact that we appreciate and value our teachers.  Childcare Network acknowledges gifts, talents, dedication, and accomplishment through recognition programs, service awards, professional pathways, teacher appreciation celebrations, and more.
  • Be Open to new ideas and experiences; open to forming new relationships with children, families, and colleagues; and open, honest, and willing to grow and share professionally.  Some of the best ideas we’ve had over the years bubbled up from teachers in our classrooms.
  • Participate as part of the school family and celebrate together!  Our teachers collaborate in team planning meetings, open houses and festivals for the community, and social gatherings for special occasions.
  • Learn through education and experience, Childcare Network is committed to encouraging our teachers as they learn and grow.  We offer assistance with tuition and books for college, opportunities to attend early education conferences, and learning “on the job” through training and coaching.  Our career ladder “My Professional Path” provides a pathway for professional development for all of our staff.
  • Find Meaning and know that every day is another opportunity to be a friend, make a friend, and teach a friend.  As the pressure mounts for children and teachers, we cannot forget how important it is to make connections with one another and put our hearts into caring for and educating our children.
  • Love their job.  Stated plain and simply, we want our teachers to love their job here.  Teachers who love their job have children who love to learn.
  • We are all part of the Childcare Network family.  At the same time, we are part of something bigger - a strong belief in providing emotional, physical, and mental growth at a level beyond other providers.  We are teachers, not babysitters.  We are dedicated to helping working parents and their children get ahead in life.

    Our Benefits

    Childcare Network employees are offered a host of benefits:

  • Medical Insurance
  • TeleDoc Program
  • Short-term Disability
  • Accident Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Term & Whole Life Insurance
  • Long-term Disability
  • 410k Retirement Savings Plan

  • Other company-sponsored benefits include the following:

  • Child Care Discounts - All staff receive a child care discount to help reduce the cost of child care for their own children attending one of our schools.
  • Paid Vacation and Paid Sick Leave - Full-time staff are eligible annually based on their years of service.
  • Paid Holidays - The company provides 8 designated paid holidays each calendar year.
  • Education Assistance - The program covers 100% of the cost of tuition and books for staff to pursue classes/degrees in early childhood education.  During the past three years, we have invested over a half million dollars in this program.
  • Free Training and Development Courses - All employees receive membership for unlimited training and development courses with Childcare Education Institute.
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