Childcare Network #186 :: Bryant AR
Tyler Broyles
February 2018
Ms. Irma and the other staff in my son's room have been great. I received a report that my 3-year-old son was not being consistent on holding his pencil correctly. A few days later my son was working on tracing his name at home and I noticed he was using the perfect form to hold his pencil. I told him good job and he said "Ms. Irma has been teaching me not to hold it like this but to hold it this way." I was impressed that the issue was identified, communicated, addressed, and resolved by the staff. They are not just babysitters. They really do a great job delivering a curriculum while making it fun for the kids.

I have three children that attend this center. One is a after schooler and i have two little girls. Their teachers are amazing and very caring for them. They have learned so much from going to CNI. My son was in the KPA 2 class it helped him so much going into kindergarten thanks to his teacher Ms. Carla, she is a amazing teacher. The administrators up front are very professional and caring for the children. When it comes to the parents they are caring and make sure that all their needs are meet. The new assistant director Ms. Brandi always greets every child and parent with a smile and a good morning, good to see you. This center is very family, friendly environment. I am very happy with my children going here not only do i feel that they are safe but, they are learning as well. I would recommend this CNI to any parent who ask me about childcare!! This is a amazing place for children to learn and grow!!

My 3 years old son loves this daycare!!! Very happy with this facility everybody is friendly and the most important thing for me is that my son is very happy here!!! Also he is learning a lot. Thank you

Childcare Network #242 :: High Point NC
Erlinda Maestrado
January 2018
My kids have been going to this school since they were 4 months old. Now at 6 years and 4 years this place has become a second to them. They have numerous tenured staff. Ms. JUANICE is one of our favorite teachers. She is awesome! She took care of them as infants. My son is now in her after school class. She is very loving and caring. I love how their teachers have rotated thru different classrooms, so as my kids move up to new classrooms, they are still with teachers they are familiar with. My son was with Ms. KARLA last year for pre k and he loved her. She did a great job preparing him for kindergarten!. My daughters favorite are Ms. Dee and Ms Parris. She talks about how much she loves them all the time. Over the past several years my kids have had many wonderful teachers Ms. KEISHA, Ms. JESSICA, Ms. KRISTY, Mr Sylvia. Every day they are at school they see these wonderful teachers who have cared for them at some point over the past 4 to 6 years, and that brings me so much comfort as i am at work. I know they are in a loving and caring environment, with people they know and love.

Childcare Network #236 :: Garner NC
Ursula Salaam
January 2018
Childcare Network has been excellent in providing a quality after school and before programs. I would reccommend families and friends to bring their children here.

Childcare Network #148 :: Lynn Haven FL
Tamela Bozeman
January 2018
My granddaughter attends the older 2 class. Her teachers are very kind and loving. They care about each child in the class. They follow the daycare rules and at the same time make sure each child feels safe, secure, loved, and comfortable. They work with you on potty training as well. It's a team effort between home and the daycare. They know each child in their class, their habits, behavior, what's normal and what's not for each child. If your child is "off", they will let you know. I'm very comfortable leaving the baby each morning whether her mood is good or bad. I know she is loved and well cared for. She has learned so much here, her speech and vocabulary has improved greatly. She knows her alphabet. She is learning her colors and animal sounds. Wonderful learning environment.

I would highly recommend this daycare. I did some shopping around Fayetteville, and I felt the best about this daycare--both the teachers and the administration. They were very flexible and upfront about when they could have my children in and understanding of my situation.

Childcare Network #195 :: Watauga TX
Christa Hildebrand
January 2018
Started taking my son here in November. Really like it so far. He really seems to enjoy it. The staff is very nice and down to earth. Ms Ruthie and Ms Sylvia are wonderful!

Childcare Network #21 :: Savannah GA
Whitney Parsons
January 2018
Words cannot express the thanks that I have for each and every Childcare Network teacher and staff that has been involved in my daughter's life. I enrolled my daughter back in May when she was 9 months old. Since then she has received nothing but exceptional learning and care. I highly recommend this location for your childcare needs.

Childcare Network #59 :: Raleigh NC
Shamikra Johnson
January 2018
I absolutly love this school! Both of my children attend here, one in the toddler class and the other in NC Pre K. The teachers in this school are absolutely amazing. They sincerley care about my children. Ms. Corinne and her staff are so helpful and nice everytime I come into the building. I would highley recommend this center to any parent in the area that is looking for childcare.

Amazing Employees! Very nice and caring

Childcare Network #202 :: Oklahoma City OK
Aleigha Old Crow
October 2017
We love this place! This is my daughter’s first time attending daycare so I was very nervous about leaving her the first few days, but her teachers were very reassuring that she would do just fine. And by the second day she couldn’t wait to go back! They seem to really foster a family environment as my daughter’s classmates are always willing to help her gather her belongings at the end of each day. The center is very clean and I love the app that they use which allows me to check on my girl throughout the day. The director and assistant directors are all very kind and organized which really eased my worries as well. The curriculum is highly engaging and they strive to involve the parents in many activities which I love. So glad we came here!!

Childcare Network #258 :: Lexington KY
Jade Parsons
September 2017
This daycare is great! My Daughter is always happy, and I know that she is in good hands when there, I was so worried about her starting cause daycare was a new thing for us. But they have made it easy for me to go to work, and not worry. She has learned and her personality has grew in the past year. They even have camera so you can watch from work, and a new app you can have on your phone! they are just a great place and people! :)

My very social twin toddlers are very happy at this place. Before we came here, they were attending another brand new, 5-star, outrageously expensive daycare for 10 months and in all that time did not form a bond with any teacher, were constantly dehydrated, crying when dropped off, crying when picked up, and bitten almost every single day. When I chose Childcare Network #164, I wasn't expecting much because at that point anything was better than where they were. To my surprise, they clicked with this place right away. They know and love their teachers, run to give them a hug every morning, and when we pick them up they are all smiles. Both, they and I as a parent are warmly greeted every morning. Teachers take time to talk to you about concerns and I really feel that my kids are in safe hands. I have seen the childcare director in numerous occasions among the children, changing diapers or just giving a hand. That alone makes me feel good. My girls have been here for 3 months now, and we are all comfortable and pleased. They have learned a lot. These people actually APPLY the curriculum, it's not just something that they advertise. That said, I have to admit that I have seen some negative reviews about this particular daycare pertaining to the baby/infant room. Being the unbiased person that I am, I have to admit that I have heard screaming infants (or babies) in passing almost every day. It actually looks like there is maybe one or two children that cry their hearts out, and as a parent, it bothers me that they are not comforted and just left to cry. If it was my child and I was aware of it, I'd be very unhappy and would raise some stink about it. However, not knowing the circumstances, this is just an observation and I won't cloud my personal satisfaction with it. For my kids, the place is great and I hope all teachers that they will have as they change groups will be as fabulous as Ms. Melissa and Ms. Hanna.

I find this center to be one of the best in terms of curriculum structure and has a loving staff. My daughter loves to go there and has progressed so much since attending the center! They do a variety of interesting activities to keep the kids interested. It's hard to keep my daughter focused and some how the staff has managed to do that and I'm very pleased that I picked this daycare. OVerall, Childcare Network is Fuquay is a safe, caring, and fun place for my daughter.

My kids have gone to Childcare Network for 4 years now and they love it. Great classroom format to prepare them for the next grade level! Very clean and good staff.

My 19 month old son came here from another daycare we'd been at since he was 3 months. I was concerned about the transition since he'd come to love and know the environment at the other center and he had family work there too. But he'd started biting and was getting incident reports almost daily. I got concerned and expressed this to them and eventually moved here. He doesn't have as many incidents, nothing like the other place. He is around other active toddlers(boys that are also active is what we think was what was needed) and the teachers and facility are much more accommodating. He's showing signs of wanting to potty train and they are working with us, whereas other center that wasn't an option until 2yo class. This daycare is just awesome and so are the people. We'd highly recommend.

Childcare Network #94 :: Charlotte NC
Danielle Walcott
April 2017
My husband and I have trsusted our two children with Childcare Network for over six years. Seeing the progress in both kids during the school year and preparing them to be over achievers when they entered the school system. My son, Timothy, has been recognized as academically gifted in Reading and Math and I know is all started at Childcare Network. My daughter, Morgan, is on the same track and I thanks the teachers and staff who diligently, safely, and carefully care for her.

My family has been nothing but pleased with Childcare Network. The KPA program has exceeded my expectations. My son is more than ready for kindergarten. I like that every teacher here is invested in my son's future and well being.

Childcare Network #264 :: Carrollton TX
February 2017
My daughter has been attending this day care for close to two years and i am continually impressed. She loves her teachers so much and always has something lovely to say about school. She has also learnt a lot and she keeps improving everyday.