My children have been attending Childcare Network since 2013. Mrs. Yvonne is amazing and is always EXTREMELY helpful! My older son had amazing teachers while here as well, Mrs. Geraldine, Mrs. Mary, Ms. Whitney, Ms. Joanne and Ms. Marsha were HUGE helps with my oldest son. Currently, my youngest son is in the infants room and I adore how much work and effort Mrs. Ebony and Mrs. Marie put into the little people and their genuine love for ALL the infants.

Childcare Network #166 :: Durham NC
Marissa Benitez-Arzate
June 2017
My daughter loved it here! Ms. Otelia is a great teacher. Everyone was always very nice and welcoming, Stephanie will definitely miss it here!!

My son attended the infant class with Ms.Tremaine and Ms.Avia. He enjoyed seeing them every morning. The teachers welcomed us in the morning and gave me a detailed report of how his day went in the afternoons. They always welcomed my mid-day calls when he first started daycare too.

Childcare Network #182 :: Arlington TX
Stephanie Valencia
June 2017
My daughter is in Ms. Cindy's class and she loves it! She talks about Ms. Cindy all the time. Ms. Cindy has taught my daughter so much and has helped prepare her for kindergarten. Not only is Ms. Cindy very attentive to her class, but she cares about the parents. Everyday I know exactly what they did in class and how my child behave! We love Ms. Cindy!

I love Childcare Network because I feel like my child is safe. I feel like her teacher loves her, and I love the bright baby curriculum. Her classroom is always clean and I always get a daily sheet to know how her day went. The teachers greet us everyday with a smile. I couldn't ask for better teachers.

Great environment. Wonderful place and he's learning so much. The people are so nice and their so intuitive with the kids and call if anything happens. This place is really a blessing for my son.

Our boys attended here & learned a lot! There were a couple of teachers that were extremely wonderful with my kids. (Ms. Destini was one in particular) They always had learning activities going on & my son came home sharing something new he learned. They really worked with him on potty training. The director Ms Kim was easy to communicate with.

My children have been attending Childcare network since August 2015. The staff is wonderful. The director, Ms. Andrea Pollard is amazing. She always greet us with a smile and will quickly address any concerns that you may have. My children love their teachers, Ms. Janice and Ms. Michael. They come home almost everyday sharing stories of their day. With Summer quickly approaching, my children have already expressed their excitement of attending this year which is filled with many fun-filled activities and field trips. We love the staff and look forward to an exciting summer with Childcare Network #175.

Childcare Network #248 :: Clayton NC
Kristy Bradtmueller
March 2017
Love Childcare Network! I have a 2 year old and 8 year old that attend and bot enjoy the time spent at day/summer care. Involved and attentive teachers that want to play a role in developing my children.

Childcare Network #4 :: Columbus GA
Shanice Bridges
March 2017
My daughter and nephew have been apart of the Childcare Network family for 2 years now and they have been an awesome support to our family. Mrs. Vanessa (director) has been nothing but an angel in aiding our family through so many transitions in our family from change of locations to potty training. Childcare Network has excellent teachers and amazing teachers aids who take of our kids VERY well. They truly are the working parents best friend.

Childcare Network #46 :: Gadsden AL
Briana Powchak
August 2016
My little boy really thrives at Childcare Network in Gadsden. Coming from a smaller home daycare, I was concerned that he would feel overwhelmed in this larger, more commercial environment, but he seems very happy there. They do lots of art projects, so you'd better have a big I also like the daily paper that comes home which talks about what he has done during the day!

Childcare Network is one of the best daycares that I have had the pleasure of having my son attend. The teachers are great, the facility is clean, and they provide a great environment for my son. My son just loves this school and does not want to ever leave. I loved this school and Jawan the director as well!! He has a heart of gold and really is great with all of the kids that attend!! Me and my son will really miss Childcare Network!!

Childcare Network #190 :: Little Rock AR
Christen Champbell
June 2016
My daughter has gone here since she was two and has had some amazing teachers a long the way. Ms. Moncrief is the standard at which all teachers should strive to be. She is very special to my daughter and my family.

My relationship with the staff at Childcare Network #267 began in August 2007, with my now 9 year old son. I also have a set of 4 year old twins enrolled at the school. Initially, I was reluctant to entrust my precious babies to any childcare instituition. Like most working parents we send our children to school and we pray for them. However, I can truly say that my prayers were answered with absolutely no regrets. This team of childcare providers have demonstrated a level of care, professionalism and learning oppurtunities that deserve recognition. They were able to ease my fears by cultivating an environment that speaks "caring for children first is our business". The entire team manages to operate a business while having a relationship with me as a parent. Most importantly, my kids are very happy and look forward to another school day. I would like to extend my utmost apprecitaion to the entire team for the nuturing environment from the front desk to the classrooms. I feel extremely fortunate to have been at this school for the past 9 years!

My kids love this Childcare Network. Andrea is great, the teachers are great. It's nice to be able to drop your little one off at daycare and know they are being well taken care of. In every class my 2 year old has been in she has had teachers that truly love her and she loves back. My 7 year old loves the afterschool program and loves the Summer Camp that is packed with activities and field trips. Definitely recommend this location!

My grandson goes to childcare network #157. I just wnat someone to know that I love that school. I want you all to know how grateful I am that you all were open during the bad weather because I still had to go to work. Plus everyone that works here cares about the children, and that means alot. 

This Parent's Best Friend!!!( as the slogan says). I Love the staff and how they actually teach the children and help them grow. My pre-schooler has been Kindergarten ready for some time now thanks to the help of Childcare Network.

I love Childcare Network #74. My children have been coming here since 2014, and the love the staff. They treat me like family. I know my children are safe here. It's clean and I have never had an issue here. I recommend this facility to any family that is looking for a place for their children.

This is an awesome school...I couldn't ask for a better school than the Childcare Network. The entire staff is wonderful!! My child is always happy and I can tell that he is actually learning everyday that he's at school. One on one with the teachers, fun activities and outside time. Tiffany you are awesome!! Thank you for being a wonderful director and coordinator. You sure know how to run a daycare! :-)))

My daughter is in the two year old program and loves it! She has only been there for 2 months and she has learned so much. She started talking a lot more, learning songs and her alphabet. The teachers are great and keep you informed. I would recommend this daycare to anyone.