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Allison Miller - Director

Since I began working for Childcare Network, I have held numerous positions from lead teacher all the way up to Director.  What I love most about Childcare Network is the culture of professionalism and commitment to making positive advancements in early childhood.  Childcare Network helped me make a difference in my community by being a part of a family of professional early childhood advocates.  Being a Childcare Network employee doesn't mean you are just a "daycare worker", you truly are a teacher and builder of dreams for the young children we serve.  I can honestly say that I have one of the best jobs in the world - working for a company who cares about all of it's employees, students, and the families they serve.  If you are looking for a rewarding and inspiring career, give Childcare Network a try and help make a difference in the lives of young children.

Heather Faulkner - Teacher

The reason I love what I do is the children.  They make my life joyful.  They arrive daily with huge smiles and are eager to learn through play and classroom experiences.  They have such huge imaginations that usually end up teaching me as much as I teach them.  I love walking into the room and being greeted by running hugs.  Additionally, the staff that we have are like a second family to me.  Everyone treats one another with respect, something that I feel like Childcare Network cultivates, as a company.  This company provides the staff with the tools we need to learn how to effectively and lovingly do our jobs.  They help us become better teachers.  Our company pays for training and seminars and also provides us with online training that we can work on at our own pace.  Childcare Network views me as a professional and enables me to have pride in my job.

Nakkia Mack - Enrollment Services Manager

In my 13 years working for Childcare Network, I have built trust and a great career foundation.  I feel inspired to do high quality work in a professional environment.  Childcare Network also offers great benefits and endless opportunities for growth within the company.  I have really enjoyed working in a positive atmosphere with Childcare Network, because this company makes you feel like you are a part of one big happy family!

James Bullock - Teacher

As an early childhood educator, it is my passion to facilitate learning.  As a teacher, at Childcare Network, I’ve found a place that allows my passion to come to life.  Childcare Network offers an innovative curriculum, intriguing classrooms, and amazing kids.

When teaching young minds, a teacher needs a curriculum that is interesting and entertaining.  At Childcare Network #61, my director - Ms. Wanda Davis, encourages staff to present the curriculum in a way that every child will learn, participate in developmentally appropriate play, and feel safe to try new things.  The Kindergarten-Prep Academy classroom has unique features like a family nook, perfect for children who need a little extra time saying goodbye on busy mornings.  Special touches like the sushi kitchen dramatic play area, asian themed chinese library, along with an outdoor classroom that’s out of this world, makes teaching at Childcare Network a privilege and a joy.  However, with all those amazing features, the highlight of my day, is walking into a room full of children that are excited to see me and ready to learn.  Each day I help create awesome childhood memories.  I am proud to know that I will forever be apart of their lives.  When they head to kindergarten, they are equipped to explore new avenues and succeed in every way.

Anjanette Washington - Teacher

Childcare Network has afforded me the opportunity of broadening my horizons.  It has given me the privilege of providing children with a positive, supportive and nurturing learning environment.  I find it a privilege and great honor to network and learn from professionals who have a mutual passion of educating our future generation of teachers, leaders, doctors, and whoever my students aspire to be.  Working at Childcare Network has helped me accomplish one of my professional goals of making a lasting impact on my students’ lives by being an intentional teacher and catering to the individual interest of all children in the five domains of develpment.  Lastly, with the help of Childcare Network, I am able to provide intrinsic rewards and knowledge that causes the growth of both children and myself. This makes Childcare Network the working the parent's best friend and a company that I love working for.

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