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Young Achievers

Young Achiever’s Club

School children ages 5 to 12 years old enjoy their 'out of school' time at Childcare Network in our Young Achiever’s Club.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for them to explore, discover, and achieve their greatest potential by offering activities related to a monthly theme.

We hope to provide teachers with all the tools they need to be successful in their role, so Childcare Network provides a curriculum for our school-age classrooms.  This collection of activities provides teachers and children with a wealth of choices that everyone can enjoy. Some of the experiences are led by the teacher; others are led by the children.  Both teachers and children are involved in the planning process and weekly lesson plans are provided as a guide.

A Typical Day for Teachers and Children

Young Achiever’s Club is a well rounded program that offers students daily experiences in math, science, language, and art as well as outdoor time to run and play.   Students have the freedom to make choices about the activities they engage in (dramatic arts, construction, music, science discovery, creative expression, reading, homework, problem solving and games, or just relaxing).  Our Young Achiever’s Club classrooms are stocked with furniture, toys, games, and books that are attractive to teachers and kids.

Our large outdoor play spaces for Young Achievers typically include climbing structures, sports equipment, and other items that school-age children will enjoy.  After a long day at school, we believe that children need daily outside time for exercise and socializing.  Teachers not only supervise outdoor play, but plan activities for play with the children each day as well.

We provide a full day of fun activities on teacher work days, school holidays and vacations.  During the summer break, we offer Adventure Summer Camp for both traditional and year round tracks.

Partnering with Parents and Public Schools

At Childcare Network, we consider ourselves partners with both parents and the local public schools to provide the highest quality ‘out of school’ time programs for children.  Working parents are counting on us to make the before and after school hours meaningful, and our public school partners rely on us to be both an educational and a social-emotional support in children’s lives.

Teachers in our Young Achiever’s classrooms are encouraged to share information with parents daily during drop-off and pick-up times as well as to help children communicate this information to parents.  Teachers design parent bulletin boards and post flyers to relay important details when needed.  Teachers will also invite parents to join them for parent/teacher conferences during the year to talk about children’s interests, hobbies, and friendships at Childcare Network, among other things.

After School Transportation and Safety

Our focus on safety with the children also extends into our transportation policies.  For the convenience of parents, we provide safe transportation to and from local schools.  Every Childcare Network driver completes a comprehensive driver training program before transporting the children to and from school.  Each bus is equipped with child scan technology, which ensures that all children properly exit the bus.   We want to ensure children are in the safest care when they are at Childcare Network.

Our School Age Promises

At Childcare Network, we want all children to feel loved, appreciated, and safe while they are with us.  Our teachers serve as leaders, modeling respect and kindness towards children --- helping children show respect and kindness to others.

School Age Promises

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