Our Three Year Old Program

Three year olds are full of curiosity and spend a great deal of time observing the world around them.  Our program uses this opportunity to focus on academic readiness skills.  Children learn to recognize an expanded range of shapes and numbers.  In addition, techniques are used to enhance the child’s ability to associate groups of letters with spoken words, and children are encouraged to tell stories through figures and symbols.  Teachers stimulate the child’s understanding of cause and effect and inquisitiveness through activities that present real-world situations.

Preparing Three-Year-Olds for School

Age-appropriate, interactive learning areas are available for the children to explore and learn as they play.  Additionally, our highly-qualified teachers utilize our HighReach Learning Curriculum for Threes to enhance the learning experience for all children with engaging activities aimed at developing skills critical for lifelong learning and school success.

Starting with children’s prior knowledge (what they KNOW) and what they wonder about (what they WANT to know), teachers use activities in the Learning Experiences Guide to plan an exciting educational experience for children.  Using a common investigation strategy called KWL, teachers will uncover children’s interests in topics like Creations and Innovations, Building, and What Happens When?

  • Teachers also receive new classroom displays each month, along with storybooks and conversation cards.
  • Lesson plans are provided as well, and teachers are encouraged to enhance with their own creative ideas.
  • Some planning time is provided to prepare materials lists and collaborate with other teachers to share resources among all the classrooms.

A Typical Day for Teachers and Children

Children thrive on having routine, structure, and consistency...and so do teachers!  Each classroom’s daily structure and routine will vary depending upon the school hours, teacher schedule, and children’s needs; particularly as children grow and mature under your leadership.  However, some best practices and principles will be in place:
  • Children and teachers will actively play and learn together!  Every moment at Childcare Network is a teachable moment - early morning, throughout the day, and in the late afternoon.  Teachers and children will maximize every opportunity with planned experiences all day long.
  • Our classrooms are arranged in learning centers and children are free to explore.  This time allows the children to practice decision-making skills, use creative thinking, and develop and reinforce concepts.
  • Routines are important, too.  Teachers emphasize daily routines and social interaction through meals, and large and small group activities.  Of course, three-year-olds spend time on self-care, health, and safety practices like handwashing, toileting, and resting, too.  Clean and healthy care is crucial to keep everyone safe.
  • Outdoor classrooms are for new discoveries.  Teachers and children will spend time outdoors daily.  By planning games, experiments, and activities outdoors, teachers can provide learning opportunities and information for children in unique ways.

Partnering with Parents

Our HighReach Learning curriculum also includes Family Connection materials that make it easy to partner with parents in their child’s learning.  Teachers are invited to send newsletters and calendars home, and we utilize email and text to share news and updates with parents, too.   Each day teachers will prepare a daily note to go home with each child, sharing highlights from the day.

We also know that teachers want to create a successful and positive partnership with parents, so parent/teacher conferences are held.  This is the teacher’s opportunity to share a child’s progress with parents and assist the parent in setting goals for learning at home.  Teachers will gather artifacts of children’s accomplishments throughout the year and prepare a portfolio to share with parents.  A simple developmental checklist is also used to celebrate the developmental milestones each child achieves.
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