Our Infant Program

Infancy is a tender, remarkable time of growth and development in a child’s life.  In our infant program, emphasis is placed on the child’s physical needs, such as feeding and diapering, as well as interpersonal interaction.  Each infant classroom is designed to develop physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills for babies between the ages of six weeks and twelve months.  Enrollment in the infant room may be extended based on a child's developmental needs.  At most of our locations, we provide Similac formula and baby food as part of our program along with a structured day.

Bright Baby Curriculum

Research has shown that engaging infants in interactive experiences that involve sensory, motor, and social explorations will build brain connections.  Our infant curriculum focuses on engagement and stimulation through social interactions including talking, playing, moving, reading and singing.

Our Bright Baby Curriculum also focuses on the important daily activities that babies experience like eating, playing, sense of self and relationships.  Our teachers even incorporate American Sign Language into children’s daily routines to help development in all areas.

Our infant teachers appreciate having teaching tools like these:
  • activity cards with ideas to help babies explore new experiences, concepts, and skills
  • a unique puppet, book, and musical CD provided with each themed kit
  • suggested weekly lesson plans for infants based on their developmental abilities
  • a classroom environment arranged in learning centers; shelves rich with books, rattles and musical toys, building blocks and stacking toys, baby dolls and other pretend play items, and so much more

A Typical Day for Teachers and Babies

In addition to lovingly meeting nutrition and other daily needs, teachers will help children explore the world around them through language (babbling), gross motor skills and fine motor skills (holding a bottle independently).  Our teachers shower the infants with attention by holding them, singing to them, and rocking them periodically throughout the day.  These interactions help to foster their cognitive and emotional development.

In their classroom, teachers play with the babies on mats to encourage sitting up, crawling and standing.   Mirrors at floor-level stimulate recognition and encourage children to pull themselves up at the sight of their reflections.  We want children to feel happy, safe and secure while they are in our care; so we display family pictures in their crib and around the classroom to help emulate their home environment.

At Childcare Network, we know our babies love learning in our outdoor learning environment, too.  So teachers and infants will have daily opportunities to play outside, take strolls through our playgrounds and surrounding natural areas, and experience all that nature has to offer.

Partnering with Parents

We know that parents are a child's most important teachers, so our teachers partner with each of our parents by offering information to help reinforce what their child is learning.  Each day teachers prepare a daily sheet that will details the baby's day including diapering, eating, sleeping, temperament, learning activities from the Bright Baby Curriculum and any supplies that parents may need to bring the next day.

Daily Infant Sheet

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